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Plea raised across Wisconsin: Get vaccinated! — 4/20/21

Now that vaccinations are widely available, Wisconsin is facing a new challenge: Convincing residents to get one. “We have over 200 appointments available right now, this week, at Festival Hall,” Racine Public Health Administrator Dottie-Kay Bowersox told the Journal Times. “And many of the other organizations within the city of Racine have appointments available … In order for us to get control of this, we need to be vaccinated.”

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Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause: Will it build trust or fuel hesitancy? — 4/15/21

Biden administration officials say Tuesday’s recommended pause in Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID-19 vaccine should boost confidence that governments are closely scrutinizing potential side effects. That includes the severe type of blood clot — reported in just six out of 6.8 million nationwide injections — that prompted the pause for study. But some state officials worry the pause will only fuel vaccine hesitancy, thwarting efforts to contain more contagious variants of the coronavirus, POLITICO reports.

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Wisconsin lags in vaccinating prisoners, but new COVID-19 infections have slowed — 4/14/21

Wisconsin has delivered at least one COVID-19 vaccination to just 17% of people incarcerated in state prisons, a pace that lags far behind the general population, according to state data. That’s despite Wisconsin prioritizing vaccinations in jails, prisons and other congregate settings where people are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

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Michigan’s COVID-19 surge seen as warning for Wisconsin — 4/12/21

Even with vaccinations well underway, Michigan is suffering a surge of COVID-19 infections that has overwhelmed hospitals with more patients than seen during the fall peak of the pandemic. Conditions in Wisconsin are hardly as dire, but Michigan’s experience offers a warning of the dangers still possible at this stage of the pandemic.

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Next step in Wisconsin vaccine campaign: educating the hesitant — 4/6/21

Wisconsin may soon reach a turning point in its thus-far successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Demand has outstripped supply in the campaign’s first three-plus months, but that trend may reverse as more vaccines become available — shifting the state’s focus to persuading those who are hesitant to receive shots.