Ben Stanger, founder and CEO of Green Box Compost, picks up buckets of food scraps from a client’s home in Madison, Wis. on May 25, 2022. Green Box Compost charges Madison subscribers $24 a month for a single-bucket pickup every other week or $34 for a two-bucket pickup. (Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Watch)

Technology, logistics make food-scrap composting in Wisconsin a challenge

UW and the city of Madison have struggled to turn tons of cast-off food into soil. Three Madison companies fill some of the gap.

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Your Right to Know: Court ruling kneecaps records law

In July, the Wisconsin Supreme Court declared that public records plaintiffs “prevail” only if a judge orders the records to be released. In cases where the public official gets sued and has a change of heart, as often happens, there is no longer a clear path to fee recovery.

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