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Wisconsin Watch halts COVID-19 Update newsletter, for now — 6/14/21

Today we lead with a programming note: This is Wisconsin Watch’s last daily COVID-19 Update, at least for now. As increased vaccinations allow more Wisconsinites to emerge from more than a year of isolation, fewer people are seeking daily updates on COVID-19’s casualties and how to navigate pandemic life.

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Milwaukee group uses language, culture to reach the vaccine hesitant — 6/4/21

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Sophie Carson reports on one of the innovative strategies being rolled out across Wisconsin to boost immunization against COVID-19. Carson reports that the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition has received a $48,000 state grant to hire a group of eight Muslim students to communicate with vaccine-hesitant Muslims in their native languages, including Arabic, Somali, Rohingya and Urdu.

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Wisconsin child care centers struggle as economy reopens — 6/3/21

Today we feature a story by WPR’s Shamane Mills, who reports that while many people are returning to work, child care remains scarce — and the industry is in trouble. Mills tells the story of Silke O’Donnell, who closed her Madison day care center after 27 years. “Last year was just so mentally stressful,” O’Donnell said. “I just made the decision that I’m going to quit a couple years early.” Mills reports that thousands of day care centers across the country have closed due to rising costs and falling enrollment during the pandemic, including many in Wisconsin.

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A Wisconsin teacher reflects on her pandemic experience — 6/2/21

La Crosse teacher Julie Welch, one of the residents featured in the WPR/Wisconsin Watch series Outbreak Wisconsin, says the pandemic has been a mixed experience. She missed seeing and hugging her children and gathering with family and friends to mourn the sudden passing of her father-in-law in March. But there were some good things, too. “I’ve spent so much more time this year being reflective, being alone, being quiet, and it’s been good,” Welch said.

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There’s a powerful network challenging vaccine mandates nationwide — 5/26/21

Today we highlight a Washington Post profile of a law firm connected to the anti-vaccine movement — part of a network that has challenged coronavirus vaccine mandates nationwide, including at a Rock County, Wisconsin-owned nursing home that’s now weighing whether to lift the mandate.