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Your Right to Know: Officials’ behavior is reckless and illegal

To keep each other safe, we’ve been asked to add barriers — distance and masks — to our face-to-face interaction. We also have videoconferencing to help overcome those barriers.

Yet to this day, Republican leaders in the state Assembly are holding meetings without requiring attendees to wear masks or offering a video option for those who don’t feel safe attending.

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Your Right to Know: Obey law on public employee records 

The behavior of public employees on the job is subject to public scrutiny in nearly every circumstance under Wisconsin law. That means the public has a right to see disciplinary records of all employees. The right doesn’t just apply to the records of elected or appointed officials. It doesn’t just apply to managers or supervisors. […]

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Your Right to Know: Finalists’ names should be made public

When the Oconto Police and Fire Commission said in April that it had interviewed two finalists for the open position of chief of police, Kent Tempus of the Oconto County Reporter asked who the finalists were.

It was a simple request, made under the part of Wisconsin’s open records law that requires the naming of final candidates for public offices.

The answer should have been simple, too — but it wasn’t.