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An ad falsely claimed that Wisconsin elections administrator Meagan Wolfe allowed “illegal drop boxes.”

The TV, radio and newspaper ad threatens to oust Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos from his Racine County Assembly seat unless he allows impeachment proceedings against Wolfe.

The ad is from a new group of Racine County citizens calling itself Wisconsin Election Committee, WisPolitics reported.

Drop boxes, where voters could deposit absentee ballots, were used widely in the 2020 election amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Wolfe wrote two memos saying drop boxes could be used, but no one challenged the advice at the time.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a 2020 presidential election challenge from House Republicans that argued the drop boxes were illegal.

After a conservative law firm challenged the drop boxes in 2021, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled in July 2022 they are illegal, saying voters must deliver absentee ballots in person or by mail.

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