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Wisconsin hospital prices ranked fourth-highest among 49 states, according to a study released in May 2022 by RAND Corp., a California-based research organization.

Those are RAND’s latest figures.

RAND found that in Wisconsin in 2020, prices paid to hospitals by employers and private insurers, for inpatient and outpatient services, was 307% of what the government would have paid for Medicare patients.

The highest hospital prices were in South Carolina (322%), West Virginia (317%) and Florida (309%). Maryland was not part of the study.

Wisconsin hospital prices were driven by prices for professional services, such as physicians. Wisconsin ranked second at 384% of Medicare on that measure, behind Alaska (411%).

The Wisconsin Senate Health Committee held a hearing Oct. 4, 2023, on Senate Bill 328, which would require hospitals to disclose prices for certain services.

Republican lawmakers introduced the bill in June.

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