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  • Republicans leave open impeachment if Justice Protasiewicz doesn’t recuse
  • Election fraud report finds few cases of voter fraud in 2022
  • Workers are dying from the heat in absence of federal regulations
  • Child care centers in rural areas with limited worker options face closure

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Supreme Court

The Wisconsin Supreme Court holds its first hearing of the new term on Sept. 7, 2023, at the Wisconsin State Capitol. (Andy Manis / For Wisconsin Watch)

Wisconsin GOP threatens to impeach justice over donations, but conservatives also took party cash

The Associated Press — Sept. 7, 2023

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz hasn’t even ruled on a case yet, but Republicans are saber-rattling that they might remove her from office if she doesn’t recuse from a critical redistricting lawsuit. They say she has prejudged the case by calling the current maps “rigged.” But as Wisconsin Watch has reported, prejudging a case would be a judicial ethics issue, and it would take a two-thirds majority vote of the Assembly to remove her under the constitutional process for such an offense.


Complaints over campaign comments by Wisconsin Supreme Court justice are dismissed

The Associated Press — Sept. 5, 2023

Throwing another wrinkle into the GOP talk of impeachment, the Wisconsin Judicial Commission dismissed complaints against Protasiewicz for comments she made on the campaign trail about her views on the state’s legislative maps.


Felon voter fraud remains rare in Wisconsin, report shows

The Associated Press — Sept. 6, 2023
Wisconsin prosecutors forwarded a miniscule 23 cases of felons voting in the 2022 election, according to a new report from the Wisconsin Elections Commission. Wisconsin Watch previously reported that felony voting is the most common type of exceptionally rare voter fraud prosecuted in the state.


Crew leader Juan Carlos Baltazar Peña, left, taking a quick break in a field with other farmworkers in southeastern Iowa on July 20, 2022, said he’s noticed over the years summers have gotten hotter. (Sky Chadde/Investigate Midwest)

Poor regulatory safeguards leave farmworkers suffocating in the face of increasing heat waves

Investigate Midwest and Harvest Public Media — Sept. 4, 2023

There have been 121 heat-related worker deaths over the past six years and the absence of federal heat regulations for employers increases that risk.

Child care

Giggles & Wiggles hasn’t just been a job for Denman and Holman-Steffels. It’s been a community. (Courtesy of Kristin Holman-Steffel)

How the closure of a Wisconsin child care center affects an entire small town

The 19th — Sept. 5, 2023

A child care center in Lancaster, Wisconsin, is featured in a story about how the worker shortage is affecting the ability of small towns to provide adequate options for parents.

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