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Wisconsin state Sen. Cory Tomczyk appealed in June 2023 the dismissal of his defamation lawsuit against the Wausau Pilot & Review, a nonprofit newsroom.

The appeal was pending as of Sept. 5.

Here’s the chronology:

August 2021: The Pilot & Review reported that Tomczyk, a businessman and former local school board member, was overheard at a Marathon County Executive Committee meeting calling a 13-year-old boy who spoke at the meeting a “fag.”

November 2021: Tomczyk sued, denying he used the slur at the meeting.

November 2022: Tomczyk was elected to the Senate, representing parts of the Wausau area.

April 2023: Marathon County Circuit Judge Scott Corbett dismissed the lawsuit, ruling Tomczyk was a public figure and had not proved actual malice by the Pilot & Review.

The lawsuit has cost the newsroom $150,000 in legal bills and threatens to put it out of business, its publisher said in August.

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