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Two August 2023 reports say the Biden administration has directed more Inflation Reduction Act climate change resources to so-called red states — those controlled by Republicans — than blue states, those run by Democrats.

The 2022 law includes $370 billion in clean energy federal tax incentives.

An analysis by Politico found that of the 200 clean-energy project locations that have been announced through July, more than 60% are in GOP-held House of Representatives districts.

One example: The Italian company Enel is using the tax credits as part of its plan to spend $1 billion on a solar cell and panel manufacturing facility in Oklahoma.

E2, a business leaders group that advocates for policies promoting the economy and environment, reported that more than half of the 210 major new clean energy and clean vehicle projects across the country announced since the law was adopted are in districts held by Republicans.

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Politico Democrats’ climate law set off a wave of energy projects in GOP districts. A backlash followed.

E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) Clean Economy Works | IRA One-Year Review

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