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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers’ 2023–25 budget proposal includes allocating $273,900 and $310,000 for fiscal years 2024 and 2025, respectively, to establish “Wisconsin For All” initiatives that “promote and advance equity across state government and state programs.” 

Some of those funds would pay for a cabinet-level chief equity officer in the Office of the Secretary of Administration. Other funds would pay for a diversity, equity and inclusion conference, a fellowship and a “Governor’s progress summit.”

The budget proposal also calls for the creation of chief equity officers in 18 state agencies and commissions. 

Evers’ 2021–23 budget proposal included hiring a cabinet-level chief equity officer, but the Legislature cut it from the budget. Indiana, Illinois and Minnesota all have chief equity or diversity officers, TMJ4 found.

Right-leaning Wisconsin groups have criticized the equity proposals in the budget for being “tight-lipped on specifics” and “highly disfavored under the law.”

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