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Wisconsin gas prices fell significantly in the two weeks following the 2022 midterm elections — but not by a dollar. The average statewide decrease was around 50 cents, from $3.74/gallon to $3.32/gallon, between Nov. 10 — two days after Election Day — and Nov. 22, according to AAA data. 

Gas prices rose rapidly in the week before the election, with AAA registering a one-day jump between Nov. 1 and 2 of nearly a quarter in the average cost of gas in southern Wisconsin.

Prices decreased significantly since then, with Wisconsin experiencing the nation’s largest weekly decrease in the week ending on Nov. 21.

Experts say gas prices often drop in the fall, unrelated to elections but rather from lower demand following summer vacation driving season and cheaper “winter-grade” gas. One expert said politicians have “very limited levers” to control gas prices.


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