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Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Wisconsin, opposes the government legislating a week limit on abortion.

At a roundtable on abortion access earlier this month, Barnes advocated “treating each individual situation as they are,” adding, “You can’t legislate a specific timeline.” In a different interview from October, asked if he supported abortion up until birth, Barnes said the matter should be decided “between a woman and her doctor.” While Barnes opposes government limitations on when an abortion can happen, his spokesperson recently clarified to PolitiFact that “Barnes does not support abortion up until birth.”

Barnes has said he would vote to codify abortion rights into law. Politifact noted that even before Roe v. Wade was overturned, “there was not unfettered access to abortion up until birth” and that the ruling only prohibited states from banning abortion before fetal “viability” — roughly 24 weeks.


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