Erick Gamboa holds his son Adriel, 2, while the family has an afternoon snack in their Milwaukee home on Feb. 8, 2019. Gamboa, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was recently detained in the Kenosha County Detention Center for six months for illegally crossing the border in 2010, but a judge ruled he can stay in the United States. Unlike most immigrants, Gamboa had a lawyer to argue his case. Statistics show immigrants have a much lower chance of deportation if they have a lawyer. Credit: Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
Investigative reporter Natalie Yahr learned that having a lawyer greatly increases the chances of immigrants being able to stay in the U.S, once they have been put into deportation proceedings. Yahr talks about the role that lawyers play in immigration cases, and how she reported this story. Video by Alisa Ivanitskaya / Wisconsin Watch

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Credit: Coburn Dukehart / Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

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