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How healthy is Wisconsin? Let’s take the state’s temperature to find out. A good place to begin the diagnosis is the Health Statistics page at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website.

Featured link: Wisconsin InfoLink: Health > Wisconsin health statistics

This site is full of useful and interesting information and data that provide an extremely wide and detailed look at all things relating to health and Wisconsinites. To get an idea of the scope of information, click on the first link, Health Statistics A-Z, and you will see everything from abortion stats to youth sexual behavior and outcomes. (So, okay, I guess it’s only A to Y).

Health Statistics A-Z has dozens and dozens of additional links nested within; it’s a wealth of information.

The Wisconsin health statistics site also provides access to a variety of statistical data that you can tailor to your specifications. On the main page’s left column, choose Data Query Systems for access to Wisconsin Interactive Statistics on Health (WISH). WISH databases contain statistics and data on Wisconsin births, deaths, population estimates, injuries, behavioral risk factors and violent deaths.

There are additional health-related links available through Wisconsin InfoLink &mdash a good prescription for your health information needs.

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