• Kyle

    If they don’t gave guns they’ll just use bats or knives, it’s moral bankruptcy

    • Hambo Doggins

      Maybe, but why can’t people who own guns be held accountable to store, use report stolen, etc?

      • James

        If you are found negligent you can be sued

    • Dremore

      @Kyle. Much harder to kill someone with a knife or bat then with a gun. Those two weapons are more up close and personal and would deter most people from committing a crime of passion. Meanwhile……a gun is an Office Max Easy Button for death.

  • Badgerlvr

    All Lives Matter.

  • Hambo Doggins

    Alewifes matter!

  • Stephen McClellan

    FTA: “Rakowski also backs stiffer penalties for those caught carrying firearms illegally. A bipartisan bill imposing mandatory minimum sentences on violent felons possessing a weapon and using a firearm in a crime is making its way through the Legislature.” This is going nowhere because the Federal Department of Justice is using the “disparate impact” theory to circumvent laws and policies that result in more blacks in jail than white in jail for the same offense. It doesn’t matter whether or not most of the offenses are committed by blacks, just that jailed blacks should not exceed 13% of those in prison for the offense.

    • James

      Grrrr, gun laws are racist

  • coyote-hunter

    Education on how guns operate, and the four basic rules of gun safety should be taught from k thru 12 and beyond…

  • gym124

    If they want stats, let them look at all of the irresponsible gun owners, like the pinhead who got one year of probation and a $5000 fine. twenty guns that were available for anyone to take? Good thing nobody broke into their house- he could have armed a crime wave since no license or approval is needed when someone buys ammunition. I hope they took his guns, but that’s not how Chisholm operates. That would have made the nice man sad and if he’s sad, he might not vote for our fine, fine DA.

  • AEquitas

    Its about education. We need to teach the children proper gun ettiqutte. When and when not to use s gun. We need to catch them early enough.

  • Freddie theDog

    Just don’t lock up non-white kids who commit crimes with guns…because, you know, that’s racist.

  • Well, the overwhelming number of injuries and deaths to Wisconsin teens occurs when they get ahold of an automobile. It dwarfs the numbers cited in this sensationalized article about the misfits and mentally ill in our society that are beyond authorities putting them away because of silly laws. Nor does the article even mention issues that need to be evaluated , which is why the youth of a small segment .in our society are so prone to violence and commit the vast majority of these incidents. Unfortunately that discussion is politically verboten so this article is rubbish.