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Wisconsin GOP threatens to impeach justice over donations, but conservatives also took party cash

Wisconsin Republicans are threatening to impeach a state Supreme Court justice over donations she received from the Democratic Party. But there’s no rule requiring her to recuse herself, and conservative judges on the court have taken Republican donations.

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Liberals fight Republican attempt to boot Wisconsin Supreme Court justice from redistricting case

Liberals argued in a legal filing this week that Republicans were trying to nullify the election of a Democratic-backed Wisconsin Supreme Court justice by asking her to recuse herself from hearing redistricting lawsuits that could result in drawing new legislative electoral maps.

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Wisconsin Republicans ask newly elected liberal justice not to hear redistricting case

Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature asked that the newest Democratic-backed justice on the state Supreme Court recuse herself from lawsuits seeking to overturn GOP-drawn electoral maps, arguing that she has prejudged the cases. Republicans argue in their motions filed with the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Tuesday and made public Wednesday that Justice Janet Protasiewicz can’t fairly […]

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Wisconsin Republicans grill judicial commissioners with a focus on high court’s new liberal majority

Wisconsin Republicans grilled members of the state’s judicial ethics commission who are up for Senate confirmation, pressing them Tuesday to say how they would handle complaints that could come against the new liberal majority on the state Supreme Court. The hearing foreshadows what could be a looming battle between Republicans who control the Legislature and […]

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Scent like marijuana enough to warrant police search, Wisconsin Supreme Court rules

A car smelling like marijuana is enough for police in Wisconsin to justify searching a person in the vehicle, even though substances legal in the state can smell the same, the state Supreme Court said on Tuesday. The court’s conservative majority ruled 4-3 that Marshfield police had grounds to search the driver of a vehicle […]