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Posted inJustice & Safety, Justice Deferred

‘Skipping the middleman’: Defendants faced shifting demands in Outagamie County judge’s one-man drug court

The judge says it met a need, but the self-styled program lacked structure and meant longer punishments for some.

Posted inJustice & Safety, Justice Deferred

Judge’s rigorous collection of court-ordered debt atypical in Wisconsin — even in his own county

Outagamie County Circuit Judge Vincent Biskupic has held dozens of review hearings stretching over years to push defendants to pay overdue court costs

Posted inJustice & Safety, Justice Deferred

Man decries lengthy ‘de facto probation’ in Outagamie County

Beau Jammes filed a complaint against Judge Vincent Biskupic, arguing that being subject to the judge’s scrutiny for months was ‘illegal’ — and unhelpful.

Posted inJustice & Safety, Justice Deferred

‘Why do you keep harassing me?’: An Outagamie County judge controls defendants after sentencing

A Wisconsin Watch and WPR analysis shows Judge Vincent Biskupic is the top user of this ‘de facto’ probation, which raises questions of judicial authority — and fairness.