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Long-time judge: Some ‘independent’ doctors routinely rule against injured workers

As an administrative law judge hearing worker’s compensation cases in Wisconsin for three decades, Joe Schaeve said he often knew how certain doctors hired by employers and insurance companies would rule even before opening their reports.

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Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism receives Conservation in Action Award for investigation of risks to state’s drinking water

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters has presented the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism with its 2017 Conservation in Action Award for Failure at the Faucet, an ongoing investigation of risks to the state’s drinking water.

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How undocumented immigrants became the backbone of dairies — and how to keep the milk flowing in America’s Dairyland

Farmers, experts say reliance on immigrant workers, many of them in the U.S. illegally, will continue unless dairies — and Congress — make significant changes.