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Your Right to Know: Are officials giving out too much information?

The nonprofit group I belong to is called the Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council. Our mission is to protect and expand access to public records.

Usually this entails pushing state and local government officials to be as open as possible. But lately, a number of developments raise a peculiar concern: Are officials being too open?

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Your Right to Know: Back open government? Prove it!

On July 9, the members of the Wisconsin state Assembly collectively affirmed their support for open government. They passed a resolution stating that the Assembly “remains committed to our state’s open record and open government laws and policies, and will take all necessary steps to ensure that these laws and policies are preserved without modification or degradation.” They vowed to “continue to work to uphold these principles and protections.”

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Bill Lueders ends four-year stint at Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Award-winning journalist Bill Lueders is leaving the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism to return to his roots at two Madison publications. The Center will continue to investigate the influence of money on politics and policymaking through the Money and Politics Project, and soon will announce the hiring of Lueders’ successor.