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Did PFAS contamination cause a consumption advisory for fish in Lake Superior?

Yes. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Health Services advised people to eat no more than one meal a month of rainbow smelt from Lake Superior in January 2021. The advisory followed the discovery of high levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, persistent contaminants known as “forever chemicals.”

Posted inFact briefs

Did Assembly Speaker Robin Vos say Republicans are considering changes to the 1849 abortion law in Wisconsin?

Yes. Rep. Robin Vos, the Republican leader of the Wisconsin Assembly, expressed interest in working with fellow Republicans to “make some potential changes to the 1849 law” in the the 2023 legislative session. The statement was made during a Nov. 10, 2022 radio interview.

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Is the Republican gerrymander after the 2010 census the only reason for the GOP’s dominance of the Wisconsin Legislature?

No. Although Republican lawmakers redrew legislative districting maps in 2011 that in effect highly favored their electoral outcomes in the Wisconsin State Legislature, experts have argued that Wisconsin’s natural political geography also is somewhat biased in favor of Republicans.