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JusticePoint offers incarceration alternatives in Milwaukee. Two judges tried to cancel its contract.

This story is part of a collaboration between Wisconsin Watch, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service and The Appeal.  Four decades ago, a newspaper investigation described Milwaukee’s municipal legal system as “cash register justice.” Thousands of impoverished residents with mental health or substance use issues languished in county jails due to unpaid civil violation fines, costing taxpayers […]

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Democrats eye Wisconsin high court’s new liberal majority to win abortion and redistricting rulings

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court will flip from majority conservative to liberal control next month and Democrats have high hopes the change will lead to the state’s abortion ban being overturned and maps redrawn to weaken GOP control of the Legislature and congressional districts.

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Republicans seek $3.5B tax cut favoring top earners, $32M reduction for UW System

Income taxes would be cut across the board by $3.5 billion under a plan announced Thursday by Republicans who control the Wisconsin Legislature’s budget-writing committee, a proposal that Democrats assailed as being skewed to benefit the wealthy. Republicans also plan to cut the University of Wisconsin System’s budget by $32 million despite a projected record-high […]