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Scott Walker budget bill is rife with non-fiscal policy items

Some of Walker’s proposals appear to be policy changes with little or no fiscal impact. Wisconsin governors and lawmakers from both parties have often injected these into the budget. Walker, as a candidate for governor in 2010, made an unequivocal pledge to “strip policy and pork projects from the state budget.” By his first budget, this promise was labeled “broken.”

Posted inMoney & Politics Column, Scott Walker's Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker sees end to sky-high spending in governor’s race

Walker, a possible presidential contender, says this extraordinary spending owes to extraordinary circumstances, like the opposition he faced from unions and others. Absent these factors, “my guess is, at least in the gubernatorial election, I doubt you’re ever going to see something that high again.”

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School choice group played major role in elections by exploiting other issues

Jensen is proud of the American Federation for Children’s legislative victories, which he says give it “a school choice majority in both houses” in Wisconsin. He attributes this success to public support for school choice. Yet, in its electioneering, AFC commonly doesn’t even mention school choice.