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Former Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell’s income tax won’t necessarily be higher because his new employer is in Illinois.

Counsell became the Chicago Cubs’ manager in November 2023 at $8 million per year. His 2023 Brewers salary was $3.5 million.

If Counsell makes his primary residence Illinois, which has a 4.95% flat tax, his bill would be roughly $396,000.

Counsell said he has no immediate plan to move from his suburban Milwaukee home.

Illinois and Wisconsin have tax reciprocity. If Counsell keeps Wisconsin as his primary residence, he would pay Wisconsin taxes — roughly $200,000 more.

Wisconsin’s highest income tax is $20,997 plus 7.65% on income above $405,550, for a total of roughly $602,000, if Counsell filed married filing jointly.

Illinois has higher rates than Wisconsin on average state and local sales taxes, 8.84% vs. 5.43%; and property taxes, effective rates on market value of owner-occupied property, 2.08% vs 1.61%.

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