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As of June 2023, $3.1 billion of funding for 290 Wisconsin infrastructure projects has been announced through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

The law, signed by President Joe Biden in November 2021, directs large amounts of federal dollars to several areas, including railroad and bridge repairs and flood and drought mitigation.

Funding is disbursed through different means to Wisconsin, including through competitive grants and formula payments to state and local governments, as well as new federal grant programs and increased funding for existing ones.

Gov. Tony Evers recently announced $402 million, most of it from the federal infrastructure bill, to address PFAS and other water contaminants.

In August 2023, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at a Kenosha County factory about how the infrastructure law’s provisions for strengthening high-speed internet access — along with an agreement with Nokia — will help create up to 200 manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin.

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