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Just under 50% of Americans said they have “no doubts” about the existence of God, according to the 2022 General Social Survey released May 15, 2023.

The NORC survey by the University of Chicago asked respondents to choose from statements about their belief in God. A total of 49.6% respondents chose “I know God really exists and I have no doubts about it.”

Other polls found different results depending on how the question was worded.

In a May 2022 poll, Gallup asked, “Do you believe in God?”. Eighty-one percent of U.S. adults said they did believe, down from 89% in 2016.

Between 1944 and 2011, more than 90% of Americans said they believed in God, Gallup said, citing its own polls.

Another survey, conducted in January 2022 by the Marist Poll, found that 54% of Americans said they believe in “God as described in the Bible.”

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