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Polls in recent years have recorded support from the majority of Wisconsinites for Medicaid expansion, paid leave, lead pipe replacement and marijuana legalization.

In November 2022, the Marquette Law School Poll recorded that 73% of registered voters favor mandating employers to provide new parents with paid leave. Majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents favored a parental leave requirement. 

On the question of legalizing marijuana, 64% expressed support — with most coming from left-leaning voters, according to the Marquette poll from October 2022. Among Democrats, 82% expressed support, compared to 67% of independents and 43% of Republicans. 

In Marquette polls from 2019, 70% of registered voters said that the state should accept federal funds for the expansion of Medicaid coverage, and 74% of registered voters agreed with the state helping fund the replacement of lead water pipes due to their health risks.

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Marquette Oct 12, 2022: Marquette Law School Poll | Marijuana legalization

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