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Wisconsin Takes Action, which favors Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Judge Janet Protasiewicz in the April 4, 2023 election, is offering people “up to $250+ for your time talking to your friends and family about voting” in the election.

The group’s website says people will be paid for contacting 75 people “several times over the next few weeks to share information about voting — polling place information, candidate information, etc.”

The website doesn’t mention Protasiewicz, but says it’s “ready for a progressive majority” on the high court. Protasiewicz is the liberal candidate.

The Wisconsin Republican Party filed a complaint March 2 with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission, alleging that Wisconsin Takes Action has spent more than $2,500 to support Protasiewicz but failed to register with the state.

State law says political action committees that spend more than $2,500 in a calendar year to support or oppose a candidate must register.

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