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In a July interview, Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels said he opposes red flag laws. Also known as risk-based gun removal legislation, red flag laws allow police to petition a court to temporarily take away firearms from individuals considered a threat to themselves or others. 

In response to a question about legislation passed under the Biden administration that provides funding for states to implement red flag laws, Michels said such laws “won’t happen here in Wisconsin” if he is elected governor.

Shortly after the interview, Michels affirmed his position at a Republican gubernatorial primary debate, saying such laws make it too easy to revoke a person’s gun rights.

“Red flag laws are not the answer,” Michels said. “We all are entitled to due process and to have representation.”

According to Pew, “Many law enforcement officials, public health researchers and legislators think these laws prevent gun deaths by allowing people to act on early warning signs.”


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