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I’m looking forward to Wisconsin Watch’s “new look.”

As someone who spent 30 years as a Chicago print journalist, I’m always interested in any new developments that deal with how the media attend to their primary responsibility: The search for the truth.

I’m hoping that your new look includes a fresh approach to covering our federally-created immigration crisis. Your May piece by Natalie Yahr about illegals detained at our border reinforces the growing argument that our media is doing this country no favors by continuing to cover the immigration issue from just one perspective, i.e. “us vs. them.”

This nation’s reckless and irresponsible immigration policy affects all of us on a daily basis, but after years of reading so many sob-sister stories about this subject, I can’t help but come away with the belief that only the foreign-born are entitled to search for a better life in this country.

Our organization supports the recommendations of President Clinton’s immigration reform commission chaired by the late civil rights icon Barbara Jordan, i.e. the need for an immigration policy that works in the national interest that most certainly does not include the continued rewarding of people who enter this country illegally.

If you are truly dedicated to “investigative” journalism, then you might start with the question of why the media have never bothered to explain why our immigration system is “broken” and who broke it.

From there your reporters should begin asking what kind of immigration policy is best for this republic, not just those who benefit most from mass immigration, i.e. our vote-hungry and derelict politicians, and a business community that gorges itself at the cheap labor buffet.

In short, Americans are a sovereign people and as such have the inalienable right to determine who and how many foreign-born should be given the privilege – not the right – to live among us, always remaining mindful of the fact that our population explosion is wreaking havoc on our environment and our quality of life.

The short-term agendas of our immoral politicians and their corporate paramours must not be allowed to undermine the principles on which this nation was founded.

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has a responsibility to step up on this public policy issue that currently benefits only the few at the expense of the many.  You and your colleagues may feel immune from the effects of our unsustainable population growth, but your descendants will not have that luxury.


Dave Gorak
Executive Director
Midwest Coalition to Reduce Immigration
La Valle, Wis.

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