This letter was written in response to the Center’s Oct. 16, 2018 collaborative report with HuffPost titled: As Trump disparages immigrants, Midwest dairy farmers build bridges to Mexico

Thank you for a wonderful story that lifted my spirits today.

As a Returned Peace Corp Volunteer (Honduras ’69-’72) I am always humbled by the hard work immigrants do on a daily basis, usually at low paying, physically demanding jobs. I am a volunteer nurse at a walk in free medical clinic and the vast majority of my patients are from Central America. The conditions they live under in their countries are Un imaginable to most Americans.

This article gave me some hope and I intend to pass it on to friends in Vermont: a state dealing with the same dairy issues of immigrant workers as your showed in your piece. Without the immigrants in Vermont, most of the dairy industry there would vanish because there are very few Americans left willing to work the long hours, hard labor and poor overall financial reward for that work.
Again, thank you for writing this piece.

Jody Gemmel, RN
New Fairfield, Connecticut