Wisconsin Watch is an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization that is primarily funded through grants from foundations and donations from individuals and corporations. Please visit our main funding page to learn more, and to see funding from other years.

As a matter of policy, funders exercise no control over Wisconsin Watch’s editorial decisions, and all funders are publicly identified.

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Foundations and institutions

Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation: $75,000
General support

Evjue Foundation & The Capital Times: $30,000
General support

Foundation to Promote Open Society, in cooperation with the Open Society Foundations: $200,000
General support

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, NewsMatch: $25,000
Matching fund – general support

Joyce Foundation: $50,000 (Year 1 of 2)
General support

Peters Family Foundation: $4,000
General support 

Vital Projects Fund: $20,000 
Coverage of criminal justice issues

Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment, through the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism and Mass Communication: $40,000 (Year 1 of 3) Produce investigative reports by students published on the Center’s website and distributed to media partners statewide and nationwide

Wisconsin Newspaper Association & WNA’s Foundation: $14,000
General support

Individual donors

Leadership Circle ($5000+)

Burke, Elaine

Watchdog Club ($1000+)

Bemis, Brynn and Ryan, Finn
Bogdanich, Walt and Saul, Stephanie
Cohen, Dr. Marcus and Sheila
Custer, Corkey and Betty
Eversden, Mark and Sara
Fost, Norman and Schapiro, Irene
Hall, Andrew and Dee J.
Hands, John Lawrence and Kendrick-Hands, Karen
Hands, Phil and Tricia
Hasler, Dr. Philip and Janet
Johnson, Barbara
Lee, Dr. Douglas and Lee, Martha
Meier, Bruce and Fearnside, Wendy
Michaelis, Michael and Susan
Record, Dick
Schwartz, Sid
Schwichtenberg, Kay and Baumann, Herman

Members (less than $1000)

Fuhrmann, Lauren and Eric
Baumgartner, Keith and Juli
Gaskill, Sharon and Warren
Brooks, Wesley
Hovey, Diana and Kermit
Kehl, Rita and Timothy
Edmondson, Jennifer and John
Sperling, Nancy
Frazer, Georgette
Graves, Lucas
Griffith, Elizabeth
Turville-Heitz, Meg
Houston, Brant
Aarli, Helen
Andrietsch, Margaret
Bier, Thomas and Katherine
Bralick, Nancy
Brooks, Sandra Kay and James
Chernik, Janice
Drew, Kathleen
Glass, Stephen
Edson, Jane
Hagenauer, Megan and Basler, John
Aarli, Lisa and Owens, Gail
Beatty, Steven
Bickford, Paul
Brand, Sirianna
Brown, Martha and Lam, Tony
Calhan, Linda and Edward
Cieslewicz, Dave
Donnelly, Linda
Eclavea, Karen and Anthony
Fauerbach, Michael and Gloria
Feider, Gary
Flood-Smith, Dorothy Ann
Giese, Mark
Goldberg, Richard and Munro, Lisa
Green, Jessica and Brad
Hagenauer, George and Mary Ellen
Hahn, Steven
Hanson, Gerald
Heckman, Philip
Holman, John
Johnson, Roberta
Jonaitis, Erin
Kaiser, William and Claudia
Karon, Amy
Kienholz, Kathryn
Klein, John
Kosbie, Jeffrey
Kozlovsky, Thomas
Kramer, James and Miyagi, Shoko
Lee, Monica
Leone-Thiel, Patricia
Lethem, Troy and Matthias, Mary
Freedman, David and Kohn, Harriet
Heinen, Neil and Christy, Nancy
Jenkins, Vincel and Moritz, Stefanie
Kammer, Jerry
Laux, Michele
Ansfield, Dr. Thomas and Lynn
Bannen, Robbi
Berry, Bill
Bowden, Deanna
Brett, Malcolm and Brett, Penny
Burgess, Catherine
Cohn, Scott
Deming, Martha
Hetzel, David
Intrieri, John
Jafuta, Forrest and Jafuta, Margaret
Johnson, John
Kilburn, Patricia
Levy, Stuart
Michel, Roberto and Michel, Karen Lincoln
Looze, Claudia
Kobs, Ellen
Gee, Janet and Gee, Derrick
Carey, Denis and Carey, Carol Koby
Cameron, Peter
Jones, Margaret and Linton, David
Klebesadel, Debra
Lacouture, Julie
Lea-Kruger, Barbara
Lewis, Charles and Gilbert, Pam
Alcorn, Jason
Turnbull, Brenda
Kohl, Gail
Drechsel, Robert and Drechsel, Lynn
Segall, Robert and Segall, Sara
Westerberg, Christa
Anstett, Charles
Dean, Jason
Goldeen, Marian
Tumey, Carol
Shah, Hemant and Shah, Elizabeth
Wagner, Michael
Lange, Jeffrey
Mitchell, Dale
Hampden, Jane
Stanley, George
Nastri, Mary Joan
Murphy, Hank
Swanberg, Wendy
Morrissey, Timothy
Ingebritson, Frances
Culver, Kathleen
Dukehart, Thomas and Dukehart, Andy
Zerwick, James and Zerwick, Susan
Massoth, Kathleen and Edmonson, Marshall Bruce
Lewein, Donna and Lewein, Scott
Cross, Sue
Gellman, Aviva
Friedland, Lewis and Oliker, Stacey
Beamish, Eileen
Schuster, Cynthia
Hayward, Julie
Eggleston, Richard
Smalley, John and Smalley, Barbara
Dreps, Robert and Koehl, Elizabeth
Glueck, Christopher and Glueck, Erin
Kern, Gerould
Girard, Geri
Bjorkman, Lynn
Rice, Julie
Arnold, Joan
Cannon, Marsha and Cannon, Peter
Muller, Lyle and Muller, Vicki
Scott, Kifflie and Sullivan, Steve
Berry, Stephen
Lyke, Mary and Lyke, Timothy
Macejkovic, Steve and Macejkovic, Steve
Marx, Richard
Matthews-Risley, Kathi
Miller, Jacob
Mitchell, Jack and Mitchell, Bonnie
Murphy, Valerie
Neuhauser, Susan
Nicolas, Daniel
O’Leary, Kristine
Odell, Katharine
Pabellon, Tara and Pabellon, Carlos
Perzentka, Thomas
Polenska, Sarah
Reinke, Richard
Rindfleisch, Terry and Hirsh, Linda
Scholl, Eric
Sharpe, Pamela
Shumway, Cynthia
Stark, Sharon
Stentz, Molly
Stoeffler, David
Swan, Peg
Weider, Will
Williams, Roger and Williams, Kristi
Wolters, Lisa
Yanggen, Douglas
Zeinemann, Scott
Queen, Robert
Shank, Michael and Troyer-Shank, Carol
Umhoefer, David and Schuldt, Gretchen
McMullin-Lawton, Bonnie
Moy, Michaela and Moy, Gregory
Phelps, Richard
Schaefer, Jill
Schweigert, Adam
Shakhashiri, Bassam
Simms, Patricia
Spoon, Marianne and Spoon, Brandon
Talbert, Charles and Talbert, Victoria
Toussaint, Carol and Toussaint, John
Warren, Thomas and Benander Warren, Anna Marie
Witonsky, Trudi
Smelter, Charlotte
Sober, Norma and Sober, Elliott
Wells, Christopher
Lucas, Patricia
Markham, Lynn
Mawer, Jane
Miley, Sally and Miley, Charles
Nash, Patricia
O’Hern, Vincent and Baldwin, Linda
Peacock, Jon
Quieto, Michael
Schulz, Peggy
Seaman, Richard
Shea, Gail and Shea, Dan
Neary, Dr. Elizabeth
Kesselman-Turkel, Judi
Skinger, PJ and Slinger, Jana
Romenesko, James
Schachter, Kate
Harbort, Colette
Stumpf, Nancy
Lincoln, Linda
Danky, James and Schelshorn, Christine
Hearn, Lorie
Long, Willis
Martell, Stuart and Martell, Carol
Ranney, Judith and Latchaw, Robert
Bullock, Jay
Dukehart, Coburn
Cole, Rebecca
Ash, Jeff
Oliver, Pamela
Lombardo, Cara
Sanyer, Leyla
Gebeloff, Robert
Hinderholtz, Richard