• Shelly Stow

    Thankfully, they are asking the questions. Not to do so would be to ignore the financial waste and the unjust persecution of registrants.

    These types of monitoring systems are big business. Too many people are making money off of today’s sex offender industry; the least they can do is supply non-defective merchandise.

  • GPS technology works best when it has clear line of site to the sky overhead. It works worst when close to signal blockers or interference. People in general spend more than 80% of their days INDOORS.

    The best signal blocker/interference creator other than non-organic items is the human body. Works no better than a cell phone in many parts of the state, causing offenders to wear two different devices.

    So what do they do?

    They place those bracelets on the ankles of offenders, close to the floor so always an obscured view of the sky.

    Now they want to use GPS on people that have restraining orders against them for domestic violence. Not sure how that keeps the person that filed the restraining order safe from being beaten again, the system seems to only give law enforcement/DOC/government more ammunition to prosecute more. Spending more money that Wisconsin Taxpayers do not have.

    Regardless of crime, it costs money to have each of those people on GPS, could the money be better spent on rehabilitation and reintegration rather than using unreliable devices even in the best of conditions.

  • GPS system is useful in all cases. But they can’t be made personalized. We should follow the correct procedures the government are saying about GPS. Question back the state government if they are our of the policy is nothing wrong.

  • Most of the time GPS tracking system works well. To every technology there is some sort of limitation such as bad weather condition, heavy rain or fog, deep canyons or dense vegetation, near huge or tall buildings, or when the GPS unit had been tempered by someone. When a person tries to tamper the GPS unit, then at that time also it send signals indicating mischievous activities with the unit. Correct government policies must be followed while dealing with GPS. Also, to safeguard self, one must choose GPS tracking system from a certified and reputed manufacturer so as to minimize malfunctioning.