September 11, 2011

Security after 9/11: 10 Years Later — Project Overview

The Center’s three-part series

A thread running through these stories by Center reporters Jason Smathers and Sarah Karon: Homeland security funding is dwindling. How are emergency response agencies trying to do more with less?

Part One: Funding

A decade after 9/11 attacks, Wisconsin’s homeland security funding falls short Experts disagree on how we’ll be affected. Aug. 28, 2011.

Part Two: Infrastructure

From ports to power plants, millions spent to avert terrorism attacks But funding to protect utilities, ports and other critical infrastructure has all but disappeared. Sept. 4, 2011.

Part Three: Emergency response

Emergency response often uncoordinated in post-9/11 era Communication breakdowns and other problems plague rural areas especially. Sept. 11, 2011.

Multimedia and data

Chart: Total funding

Homeland security funding overview, 2003-2011 The Center compiled data on dozens of grant programs to capture a rare picture of total homeland security spending in the state, revealing a big drop for 2011.

Map: Lessons learned

What they learned in the disaster: Agencies’ after-action reports Emergency responders’ accounts, often frank, of their successes and failures after disasters both real and simulated. These “after-action” reports have never been published in one place; the Center summarized, archived and mapped 75 of them.

Regional stories from Gannett Wisconsin Media

Nuclear plant safety

Nuclear security teams prepare with mock attacks Guards for the Kewaunee nuclear plant get a “paramilitary level of training,” reports the Herald Times Reporter of Manitowoc.

Nuclear plant: Evacuation plans in place, but officials don’t expect all to leave Manitowoc has practiced evacuating about 1,600 people at a time, but farmers say it’s unrealistic to move livestock in an emergency, according to the Herald Times Reporter.

Airport security

TSA touts safer airports, but security breaches continue Of the more than 25,000 breaches nationwide since November 2001, more than half involve people entering supposedly secure airport areas, federal officials found. The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Post-9/11 policing

At Lambeau Field and beyond, how a police force stepped up security after 9/11 “It’s forced us to work together,” said Green Bay police Lt. Jim Runge of joint trainings. The Green Bay Press-Gazette.