May 13, 2010

News about us: Kudos to our UW grads

Out of the masses, they pick ours.

University of Wisconsin-Madison’s news service profiled our very own Jacob Kushner and Sara Jerving today as noteworthy grads:

Tired of struggling with Spanish in high school, Jacob Kushner came to UW-Madison thinking he’d finally left it behind. Four years later, he’s parlaying his now-fluent command of the language into a career in international journalism.

Jerving will stay on this summer as a reporter for Stories she’s written for us:

Depressed mothers face barriers to treatment
Suffering in silence: campus sexual assualts vastly underreported
Wisconsin suicide toll rises, exceeds rate of neighboring states

Kushner, alas, is off to the Dominican Republic soon. He’s been the lead reporter on our Dairyland Diversity project, which explores the causes and consequences of the Wisconsin dairy industry’s growing reliance on immigrants. Some of his work:

Undocumented and driving without a license
A delicate existence: Undocumented Wisconsin dairy farm workers
Immigrants now 40 percent of state’s workforce

Two more shout-outs to Alec Luhn and Jake Naughton, who also get mentions in the story — they’re working on freelance projects for us right now.