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In an Oct. 10 video of pro-Palestine protesters at the University of Wisconsin-Madison that reached over 2.7 million views on Twitter, a user inaccurately described protesters as chanting “glory to the murders.”

A video taken by a Wisconsin Watch reporter confirmed that the protesters were chanting “glory to the martyrs” in a call-and-response chant.

“It’s gonna be a call and response. When I say, ‘Glory to the martyrs,’ you say, ‘Glory to the resistance.’ When I say, ‘We will liberate the land,’ you say, ‘By any means necessary,’ ” a leader said to the crowd.

The protest was organized by Madison for Palestine, who describe themselves as a “collective of local grassroots activists” of Palestinians and allies.The original claim was reposted by Fox News, the New York Post and the Combat Antisemitism Movement, among others.

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