Walker’s success was statewide and deep

Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. In retrospect, the effort by state Democrats to unseat Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in a recall election by running Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the same candidate who lost to him in November 2010, might fit this bill.

Walker prevails in recall challenge

Here’s an archive to the Center’s live blog from election night, along with a link to a collection of election night photos, links to recall election news sources, and links to the Center’s previous coverage of Gov. Scott Walker’s time in office and the recall.

Recall cash spigot now wide open

It’s difficult to write about the levels of money now being pumped into Wisconsin’s electoral process without using terms like “jaw-dropping” and “eye-popping.” It’s a wonder we can still recognize ourselves in the mirror, with all these contortions.

Gov. Scott Walker has become a national political figure — a hero to some, a demon to others. But no one doubts his passion or resolve.

Man on a mission

Gov. Scott Walker’s sense of mission has often brought controversy. While his supporters say his boldness will be rewarded, his critics blame him for dividing the state. Part three in a three-part series.

Walker does it his way

Gov. Scott Walker says the main reason he’s held firm on core issues is that it was right: “The objective if you get elected is to do the things you said you were going to do for voters.” Part two of a three-part series.

Love him or hate him

Gov. Scott Walker’s supporters and foes agree that he is not like most other politicians. The first governor in Wisconsin history to face a recall attempt is bolder, more focused, less cowed by criticism. Where they disagree is over whether this is a virtue or a vice. Part one of a three-part series.

Ad campaign comes ‘close to the line’

In recent weeks, two conservative groups have run three television ads praising changes in Wisconsin’s relationship with its public employees. What’s unusual is not the message of the ads, but the tax status of their sponsors.

One Wisconsin Now: Watchdog or attack dog?

The liberal advocacy group One Wisconsin Now has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who defaces or destroys petitions to recall Gov. Scott Walker. Conservative critics have dismissed the reward as a “stunt” and called the organization “the court jester of the liberal movement.”