A re-enactment of the killing of Andrew Nehmer staged April 24, 1986, two days after the actual murder, by Madison Police Officer Jay Lengfeld (behind counter, white shirt) and Detective Rick Miller. David Sandell/The Capital Times; courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society

Madison cold case gets warmer

The investigation of Andrew Nehmer’s 1986 murder highlights both the opportunities that new technologies present for solving old crimes and the challenges posed by degraded evidence, vanishing witnesses and fading memories.

Megan and Kevin O'Malley at their Baldwin Street home in Madison on Jan. 3. Kevin and Megan O’Malley at their home on Baldwin Street. Kevin O’Malley said he saw no need for Heimsness to open fire, saying the officer made no attempt to defuse the situation. Kate Golden/Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Police account of shooting disputed

The owner of a home mistakenly entered by an intoxicated neighbor who was shot and killed by a Madison police officer arriving on the scene said he tried repeatedly to inform the officer that the intruder was someone known to him.

Twilight for Occupy movement?

Occupy Madison has maintained a nominal presence eight blocks from the Wisconsin state Capitol, the site of protests that have drawn tens of thousands of people as recently as mid-March. The site’s leaders are optimistic they will find a new location and firmly believe in their movement’s staying power. Yet it’s clear the Occupy movement, including the Madison encampment, is struggling to maintain relevance.