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John Doe ruling alters campaign terrain

Mike Ellis

In some quarters, Randa’s ruling is being hailed as a righteous rebuke to partisan efforts to suppress free speech. But Paul S. Ryan, senior counsel with the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center in Washington. D.C., says Randa’s decision “flies in the face of well-established Supreme Court precedent.”
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Voting bills get little lobby support

In fact, no group with a paid lobbyist registered in favor of the bill last session to pass an amended voter ID law, which passed the Assembly on a 54-38 party-line vote. This and other voting-related bills seem to defy the popular belief that lobbying drives legislation.
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Case study: How one developer plans to curb runoff into Madison’s lakes

“We are creating a level of expectation on how to steward the land while it is still agricultural,” said Don Heilman, president of the Clean Lakes Alliance, about Terrence Wall’s Community of Bishop’s Bay development north of Madison. “This will be a model for other developers to follow.” Mike DeVries/The Capital Times

“Developers are often demonized, but I have probably planted more trees than 99 percent of citizens and the city of Madison,” said Wall, the 2009 recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and a one-time Republican U.S. Senate candidate who lost to Ron Johnson. “There is nothing worse than a town filled with concrete.” Continue Reading

Mary Burke, underdog millionaire

Mary Burke: “I am trying to raise enough money to get my message out."

Her personal wealth is seen as a key asset to her campaign. But part of her game plan is to impugn Walker’s support. “I do point out how much money he raises from outside interests,” Burke says. “I think it strikes the people of Wisconsin as wrong. And it should.”

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