Recusal an issue in high court race

Marquette University law professor Ed Fallone, Roggensack’s challenger in the April 2 election, is seeking to make recusal an issue in this campaign. He says Roggensack “bears a large part of the responsibility for pushing through” a 2010 change in court rules stating that mere receipt of campaign contributions or endorsements can never in itself require recusal. Continue Reading

Wanted: A wiser prison policy

The group contends that alternatives like day reporting centers, electronic monitoring and treatment courts for people with substance abuse and mental health problems have been proven to be not only cheaper but more effective. It’s asking the Legislature to add $75 million for such programs to the state’s upcoming two-year budget.
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Contract pick drives emotion Skyward

Skyward has lodged a formal protest over the state’s decision to pick a Minnesota company for a new statewide student information system, alleging “numerous irregularities” during the selection process, including overlooked costs and calculation errors.
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