Gun bills fail, shots fly

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn implored the community to stop tolerating young men carrying guns. And he called on the governor and Legislature “to pass a law that makes these little monsters afraid to get locked up for possessing a gun.” Continue Reading

John Doe ruling alters campaign terrain

Mike Ellis

In some quarters, Randa’s ruling is being hailed as a righteous rebuke to partisan efforts to suppress free speech. But Paul S. Ryan, senior counsel with the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center in Washington. D.C., says Randa’s decision “flies in the face of well-established Supreme Court precedent.”
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Voting bills get little lobby support

In fact, no group with a paid lobbyist registered in favor of the bill last session to pass an amended voter ID law, which passed the Assembly on a 54-38 party-line vote. This and other voting-related bills seem to defy the popular belief that lobbying drives legislation.
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