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  • George Dreckmann

    This is totally unacceptable. If true Prosser must step down or be impeached

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  • Sarah

    I call on all Justices to come forward and tell the truth. If this indeed did happen the constituents of this state have the right to know about it. I don’t care how angry Prosser was or what buttons Bradley may have pushed a physical altercation between Justices is not acceptable. This is the high court of the State. A state that is in turmoil. We deserve a court that is not in turmoil. Name calling is not acceptable but can be moved on from. Physical assault is never, never, never acceptable and can not be overlooked. These people (the Justices) should have the utmost respect for the laws of this state and be required to live up to them.

  • Deborah Kelly

    I do not understand why Bradley did not call the police and file a criminal complaint. That people refuse to do what it is their legal duty to do in the name of “professional relationships” is just a code phrase for “we care more about our careers than justice.” It reminds me of Anita Hill, who was willing to allow someone to not abuse her has an employee while working at the EEOC, of all places, but who clearly felt that her career is more important than all those Black women and others who wound up being indirectly abused by her boss. As a Supreme Court justice, he has gone on to do far more harm to other Black women (e.g. those who should have been plaintiffs in the Wal-Mart class action) and those similarly situated. This cannot be the first time Prosser has done something such as this. If someone had the decency to try and stop him years ago, perhaps he would not be in the position he still is and, thus, able to harm many more people.

  • Janice

    It’s not enough to strip the people of their rights, now the Repubs are also looking to get away with murder.

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  • Leeanne

    What’s happening to Wiscsonsin Republicans? It’s like the GOP is drunk on power. Good lick in those recall elections to get rid of those extremist Republicans. Prosser should go too.

  • Shelby Anne

    Impeach Prosser! Zero tolerance for judges attacking women. He must go!

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  • Once he barely survived what would have normally have been a cakewalk of a re-election campaign, he must have felt he was invulnerable and could physically act out his verbal desires to “destroy” the “bitches” like Abrahamson and Bradley who don’t submit to his will.

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  • mls

    David Prosser needs professional help. Someone needs to step in and see to it that he gets it before he seriously harms someone. Evidently, as is the case with most mentally ill people, he lacks insight into his condition.

  • wial

    Remember, any elected official in Wisconsin can be recalled, including judges. To be sure, we have to wait a year for Prosser, presuming he’s not in jail by then, but no reason not to start on the other Koch-funded “justices” right now.

  • 49 North

    Step down ? Impeached ? This is criminal assault. The guy should be cuffed and thrown in jail.

  • JWnTX

    Despicable. And I don’t mean Justice Prosser–I mean this thinly-veiled attempt to smear Justice Prosser. Anyone who would engage in this kind of rumor-mongering doesn’t deserve the title of “news” or “reporter” or anything other than “rag” or “cage lining.” Sick, pathetic display of the politics of personal destruction.

  • Lisa

    this sounds extremely fantastical and absurd. if there really was a problem, there would be no excuse NOT to publicly confirm what was going on. This article, and the allegations, are purely speculative at this point and sound like gossip at a sewing circle. Either do your homework and present CONCRETE FACTUAL information or don’t break slanderous stories if you don’t know they’re completely true. How about you grow up and actually do what your organization is named for- RESPONSIBLE journalism? Otherwise, quit wasting everyone’s time.

  • Shelby Anne

    WISGOP supports Qaddafi, Prosser, and Walker. All three are attack dogs who hate the people they serve. Vote Dems all the way!

  • David

    Zero-tolerance for attacking women? How about zero-tolerance for attacking ANYbody? This isn’t a protestor who screamed in his face or a journalist who tried becoming the story by ‘accidentally’ getting too close. This is a colleague. If this is true, here’s what’s going to happen. The filthy liberal media will barely utter a peep about this case and Prosser won’t resign until two seconds before the other justices say ‘Okay, youre out’. Then it’ll be a blurb on the evening news.

    And then there will be a head count of conservative talk show hosts implying that she actually deserved it. And it will be hilarious, because everybody knows that’s the kind of thing that is.

  • John Hershberger

    Go get ’em Bill!

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  • janie

    Maybe the stress of stealing and election is getting to him….

  • David Ward

    If this is the mindset he has when making important decisions how did he ever get the job. Is this how he keeps the majority vote by bullying. He needs to go,now.

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  • Roger

    History of verbal abuse and threat to a coworker. Now physical attack of a coworker. Attacking a Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge by anyone (another judge, no less!) is a felony. David Prosser needs to resign Monday.

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  • Chris B

    This was not reported because it did not happen. Why wouldn’t the sources identify themselves-fear of slander charges. Look at the mischaracterization in the anti-Prosser ad about the child molestation case-totally false. Have the left no shame- the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism makes Think Progress look as conservative as Michele Malkin.

    Good luck proving this-of course in Dane county the judges make up the law as they go along.

  • christopher

    Holy cow! Do the laws not apply to this guy? That’s assault and battery at least, isn’t it!?!

    I dare say any one of us that pulled the same thing would be in the county lock up IMMEDIATELY!

    Either the facts as stated are seriously wrong, or this is a blatant miscarriage of justice!

  • Jana

    This sounds like some backwoods town council not a state Supreme Court. What is wrong with this man? He must recuse himself from all issues dealing with women and assaults. Better still, he should retire and enter an anger management program. This is insane.

  • Robert Giesler

    Wisconsin politics are getting a real “hands-on” approach and name calling as well. Childish?Not really – Just down right ignorance laced with vanity! Yes! Sinful and corrupt to have a so called ‘public offical’ act in this manner!!

  • John

    The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal is now reporting that 2 witnesses dispute Bradley’s claim of “choking” and instead say Bradley threatened Prosser with raised fists. Where’s your update WisconsinWatch? Will all these calls for dismissal in the comments still hold true for Bradley as the aggressor?

  • Challenger71

    Talk about Yellow Journalism! Wow

    Once this report is proven false and the circumstances are known, those involved in spreading the politically motivated garbage should be prosecuted to the greatest extent of the Law!

    Sources: Anonymous judicial staff of the left wing liberal justices, WPR members of the public sector union cabal and the WCIJ ??? … was this one of your commissioned reports?

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  • joe

    What Bothers me about this is Bradley, not having anything to say and the sources want to remain anonymous …I have a real problem with this…If she was grabbed by the throat she needs to Press charges and say so publicly..I have no doubt that “Prosser” is capable of doing such a thing after his past and recent Behavior, he clearly has issues controlling his anger and this alone should make him unable to serve in any court let alone the high court …But these so Called sources need to step up and tell all,Take a stand and not be afraid…Don’t allow this to be covered up if in fact it is true..Do the right thing and push this until the truth is revealed…

  • Repeat after me:

    If he Twitter: he must resign.
    But if he Hit’r: he is fine.

    See how it works?

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  • Lila

    I’m guessing that four Justices will say that Bradley was at fault and three will say Prosser was.

  • Tim

    @Deborah Kelly:

    “The sources say Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs was notified of the incident. One source says Tubbs came in to meet with the entire Supreme Court about this matter.”

  • ID

    “He did not exert any pressure, but his hands were around her neck,” the source said.

    What’s the point of putting your hands around someone’s neck if you’re not going to squeeze? I can see him putting his hands on her shoulders in this manner.

  • ID

    Justice Bradley needs to file a criminal complaint against Prosser just like Rep Wiener did against the hacker who broke into his twitter account.

  • Robert

    This is ridiculous. Prosser must immediately resign. He is an embarrassment to judges everywhere.

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  • Janicedidntread

    @Janice, murder? where?

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  • Lisa

    No 68 yr old man, especially a Judge, has any right to put his hands around the neck of another human being. I am sure he will lie through his teeth, I expect no less from Prosser. He needs to be removed from office immediately!

  • Omar

    Seems Bradley rushed at Prosser with fists raised and Prosser fended her off. Prosser had no reason to be angry, but Bradley did. Bradley has made a public accusation against Prosser, but has not filed any sort of official report. There were multiple people in the room. If Prosser really did “choke” her, there would be plenty of witnesses.

    Bradley appears to be an opportunistic liar.

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  • This will certainly be interesting. I note that a significant number here want Justice Prosser thrown out of office for the putative assault. Well and good — if he did attempt to throttle Justice Bradley, he should definitely be dismissed from office.

    Of course, what is good for the gander is certainly good for the goose. If it is shown that Justice Bradley assaulted Justice Prosser, then the same rules apply — she should definitely be dismissed from office.

    The truth will come out; a person who resorts to physical violence to end a verbal confrontation is not a person who is fit for office.

  • Carolynp

    And if Bradley is lying, she should step down immediately. Right?

  • Patrick

    WisconsinWatch.org readers, you need to read this …


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    What motive would Prosser have.
    He had just won election.
    He was on the majority side on the Walker issue.
    Bradley was on the losing side.
    Frustrated and Angry.
    Why didn’t Bradley call the police immediately?
    Because she knew she was wrong and had attacked Prosser with upraised fists.
    Motive goes to Bradley.
    She should be recalled.

  • Ed

    The Weiner Test: If it was in any way true, Bradley would file charges.

  • Fluffy

    Let’s not make a rush to judgement. If there were witnesses, let’s see what they say. – Yours Truly, Fluffy

  • craig wille

    The story o this is muddled….There are others present who claim that Bradley rushed at Prosser and he put his hands up automatically to protect himself.

    I think we need to withhold judgement on this until we get the correct story (if we ever do) before we use this as another cudgel for idealogical points on either side.

  • akorage

    Thugs on the Bench. Shall we call this “Judicial Thuggery”. Not sure how this story came about but one should expect this type of truth or fallacy to be distant from the judges bench. Seems like we are all just like those guys from the other side of the tracks.

  • bob

    There is something fishy about this.
    Something tells me this is the old a push becomes a shove hide the radical pose for the radical ends means.
    If they can’t win legally they will subvert the law any way they can. These people are dangerous.

  • rob

    Who is typically more upset in this debate? dems. She came at him like a fool, got handled unhurt, and now there’s allegations. It won’t add up to a damn thing.

  • passionate conservative

    Those of you who were screaming for Prosser to be removed yesterday, are you screaming for Bradley to be removed today? Hmmmm?

  • Cecil Franklin

    Why no update regarding the two other sources who say Justice Bradley rushed Justice Prosser with fists raised, and Prosser put his hands up to defend himself?

  • andy

    Bradley is a liberal, hence any lie is justified in the name of the greater good. With multiple witness I suspect this will blow up in her face. The story is utterly unlikely on it’s face.

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  • Jeremy Ingle

    totally hilarious! The fact that this conveniently happened at this time as to drum up more so called outrage. And the fact people on here are silly enough to buy it. If you haven’t done enough research by now to know that the dems will do ANYTHING to try to get an advantage, well then your a lost cause and should move to Cali where you belong… with all the other nut jobs that are trying to destroy the country.

  • eal1906

    I don’t believe this at all. This is a smear campaign. The unions and Dems really needed this Judicial seat and LOST. They sued and LOST. Everything is riding on this. Their power is slipping away. They are launching recall petitions and now this. This is a last ditch effort to regain their power base…a last gasp.

    Please note, she lunged at him with her fists and he put his hands up defensively. This was a set-up.

    The Democrats have corrupted our election system with dead voters, phony voters, illegal voters. felons who are not supposed to be voting, people registered multiple times, magic boxes of undiscovered ballots…thank you ACORN. Some counties had more votes cast than they had residents of the county.

  • GBMeyers

    I’m guessing that Bradley did not file a complaint because she was partly responsible. If this is the case and Prosser is removed she should be removed as well.

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  • Pam

    Sounds like Justice Prosser has a difficult time with women in power and a difficult time accepting responsibility for his own behavior. According to Justice Prosser, Justice Abrahamson “goaded” him into calling her a “total bitch.” Now it seems Justice Prosser is saying that Justice Bradley is responsible for his putting his hands around her neck. Does anyone else see a pattern here?

  • Bohica

    Way to update (rewrite) your article without pointing out why. Since you are aware of the MJS article, you are also aware they have 3 sources to your two hacks. Investigative journalism? More like investigative journOlista.

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  • equaljustice

    THIS IS BS>>>> What a fabricated story! Liberals are SUCH bad losers and they get very HATEFUL when they don’t get what they want. I heard Prosser will be proven INNOCENT since there was video to review of HER coming at him with her fists up! Nice umm… lady? HAHAHA These Democrats don’t care. They got the story out there and that was the plan! LIBERAL STRATEGY: THROW MUD AND HOPE IT STICKS! (or if that doesn’t work, intimidate until you a story)

  • Doug

    Where are the statements from other judges that were present. There are reports that Bradley was the aggressor and attacked Prosser who threw up his hands to defend himself. If this proves to be the actual truth will there be calls for Bradley to resign or face impeachment?

  • politicalpuck

    Prosser’s assault on the female judge is not surprising, given the Republican Party’s assault on women who use Planned Parenthood. What a political party: tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, tax increases and service cuts for everyone else.

  • A. S. R.

    Two points:
    First, who closed the distance between Bradley and Prosser? Whoever did so was the aggressor.
    Second, was the spat, as it has been reported, about delaying the decision? If so, why delay? Justice delayed is justice denied, even for legislatures. Might threat of this delay be an impeachable offense, since Justices take an oath to uphold the national and state constitutions and justice?

  • I love this i want more on this subject
    any references please?

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  • Aaron

    Sounds the the Unions, Liberal Media, and the DEMS are drumming up cocka mammie story to try to throw the Republicans under the bus! Just like with Planned Parenthood, h
    Health Care, Medicaid….the list goes on and on! You people don’t understand your freedoms and way of lives are being taken away. Using our very own constitution to under mind and handcuff us! By the time you realize, it will be to late!

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  • Will

    Bill – Did you contact Prosser for his side of the story before you ran your first article on this subject?

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  • Nice inaugural effort at the Center, Bill!

  • Dave

    Love the rush to hang Prosser before all the facts are out. Biased are we?

    If Justice Prosser did indeed assault a fellow judge, with no justifiable reason, then he should be removed from office. I voted for him, but I’d be the first to want him impeached if this is true.

    If Justice Bradley rushed him, and it turns out Prosser was defending himself, she should face impeachment. It has no place regardless of party affiliation (as non-partisan the high court is supposed to be!)

    Let the police investigation pan out & then call for ____________ to be accountable for their actions.

    • Shelby Anne

      Trolls are boring. There is only one person facing charges, troll.

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  • VLF1964

    Damn those liberal women with their linebacker necks! How dare they throw their necks into unsuspecting conservative male hands!

    All liberal women’s necks should be locked up and forgotten about!

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  • JOHn

    Yea democrats are evil, not the people that wiped out 50 years of labor rights in the US. Welcome to life in Mexico FOOLS

  • JOHn

    THis is make up the story later thing so we can get the democrat out, more government BS

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    • Dan

      Hay Just more smoke and mirriors by a judge payed of by the union so the dems can get back in power so they can rule your life aand tell you what to do.

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  • Phil Ball

    “…On Monday night, Bradley called Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs to talk to him about the incident. On the morning of Wednesday, June 15, Tubbs joined the justices in a closed-door meeting, where he discussed “issues relating to workplace violence.”

    During the meeting, Chief Justice Abrahamson actually reenacted the incident on Chief Tubbs — no doubt an amusing sight, as the diminutive Abrahamson mimicked choking the tall, portly police chief. During her demonstration, Abrahamson emphasized that Prosser had exerted “pressure” on Bradley’s throat….”

    National Review


    With a majority of the SC witnessing Abrahamson’s reenactment of what she said
    took place between Bradley and Prosser, not one of these witnesses objected, criticized or corrected the reenactment by Chief Justice Abrahamson with the exception of Justice Roggensack who insisted ‘there was no pressure.’ She didn’t
    expand on this insight nor how she knew, according to the article. But neither did she deny that the Prosser-Bradley confrontation took place essentially as reenacted by Abrahamson.

    After participating in the role played reconstruction of what was in essence a charge of criminal assault leveled against Prosser by Abrahamson, Tubbs felt confident enough in the merits of the complaint/charge to pass the investigation and fact finding up the line to the Dane County Sheriff.

    This is a story against interest. National Review, unwittingly it would appear, advances Bradley’s case against Prosser and undercuts its own
    support of Prosser’s subsequently less tenable position in the matter.

    The National Review stands behind Schneider’s story.

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