February 17, 2010

NEWS ABOUT US: Center awarded $75,000 matching grant by three foundations

NEW YORK CITY — The Challenge Fund for Journalism (CFJ), a consortium of the Ford, McCormick, and Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundations, announced on Feb. 17 that the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism is among 13 nonprofit journalism organizations working in youth media, ethnic media, and investigative reporting that will receive a total of $875,819 in grants.

The Center was awarded a $75,000 matching grant.

The winners are a broad mix of organizations from across the United States active in local and national news and information projects.

Piloted in 2004, CFJ was introduced amid extraordinary and difficult changes in the news media profession.

Not only have journalism organizations seen a significant decline in financial support from corporate and philanthropic sources, but also a severe contraction in the industry as a whole.

The current economic crisis has only exacerbated these difficulties, demonstrating more than ever the need to build the capacity of organizations to expand and diversify their financial base of support. Read the rest of the announcement here.