June 9, 2009

Center hires staff, begins its work

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has begun work on several projects of interest to Wisconsin, examining issues that explore transparency in government spending, a multi-million dollar federal stimulus project, problems affecting the state’s criminal-justice system and the impact of immigration on a prominent industry in the state.

The WCIJ staff includes three full-time interns and other journalists, including a statehouse reporter, database analyst and Web producer. The staff is a mix of paid and volunteer professionals. The Center is headed by executive director Andy Hall, who launched WCIJ in January following an 18-year career at the Wisconsin State Journal newspaper.

The nonprofit independent center aims to increase the quality and amount of investigative journalism in Wisconsin through its own reporting and in collaboration with other news outlets. The partners in WCIJ are the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Journalism & Mass Communication, where WCIJ is housed, and Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.

  • Paul Sloth

    Looking forward to following the work you all do from down here in southeastern Wisconsin. Best of luck!